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Meet the Pin Maker: Ted and Kip by Anna Carroll-Smith

Meet the Pin Maker: Ted and Kip by Anna Carroll-Smith

This month's pin is the creation of Anna Carroll-Smith, the artist and designer behind Ted & Kip. Anna is based by the seaside in the sunny south of the UK. Her slightly grumpy, weird geometric animal illustrations are actually happy souls who believe in love, kindness and equality. Ted & Kip came about after Anna decided to leave her grey boring day job and follow her love for all things creative (a passion that started at a young age when her great grandmother taught her how to knit). The name Ted & Kip is important to her as it is the names of her two small children who constantly inspire her with their love of colour, unicorns and the absurd. When she is not sat on her sofa, iPad and pencil in hand, Anna likes to collect vinyl toys (and is madly obsessed with Sonny Angels). Her favourite meal is breakfast and she quite often eats chocolate biscuits for dinner. You can email Anna at tedandkip@gmail.com with any questions, queries, commissions or if you love Sonny Angels too and just want to chat about them!

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TedandKip

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tedandkip/

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