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Meet the Pin Maker: i.heart.avacado

Meet the Pin Maker: i.heart.avacado

Abby is an artist residing in Austin, Texas. She established i.heart.avocado after quitting her boring day job to follow her creative dreams. The concept for i.heart.avocado is influenced by a love for art, cute animals and avocados. She enjoys creating fun, happy designs, and is equally excited to see people wear them. When she’s not drawing pins on her laptop, you will find Abby in her studio painting with acrylics and watercolor. She also has a passion for plant based cooking. She has two sweet little boys, who like keep her very busy. And yes, she does add avocado to everything. You can say hello to her at iheartavocadoworkshop@gmail.com.

Instagram: @i.heart.avocado

Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/iheartavocado

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