Fluffy Dice Air Freshener

$3.75 $2.00

Brand NPW

Is your car just getting too bland? Has it turned more into a work shuttle or kid taxi than something fun to drive? Our baddass 3D Fuzzy Dice Air Freshener will give you that spark you've been yurning for... that mojo that you've been missing!

You'll exude confidence when you're rolling around with two huge 3D red dice hanging from your mirror or seat. Maybe pump up the volume on some Foghat and start giving people winks at the stop lights. You know what we're talking about.

These dice aren't actually fuzzy but have a 3D effect of being fuzzy while they smell fresh with a yummy vanilla scent. So fun and cute, who wouldn't want these hanging in their car?

  • Two easy to assemble pieces
  • 3D effect
  • Vanilla fragrance
  • Upgrade to cool!

Each dice measures approximately 1.35 inches cubed. Vanilla scent. Non-furry cardboard. Easy to assemble. Badassery included.