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March 2020 Self Care Crate: Featuring Liz Harry


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The struggle is real and we've all been there. Burn Out. Self care is important to keep the hustle going and to maintain a healthy-happy you! That's what our March crate was all about. A little bit of treating yo'self, a lot of pampering yourself, and a pinch of self awareness is our secret recipe to avoiding burn out.

We have a limited number of these March 2020 Self Care crates available! These are a 1-time purchase with no subscription attached.

Whats Included:

  • Oh K! Panda Hand Cream: $7
  • Oh K! Spiral Hair Bands: $9.50
  • Get the Hint Wish List Tags: $5
  • Beach Please Enamel Pin: $10
  • NPW Panda Shower Cap: $9
  • Liz Harry Jean Tote: $28
  • Unicorn Salt & Peper Shakers: $12
  • Quirky Socks: $8

Total: $88.50