Water2Go 20 Oz Foldable Water Bottle

$12.95 $4.95

​Stay hydrated all day with this foldable water bottle. This lightweight reusable water bottle is flexible and fits everywhere. No more need to carry around bulky water bottles to stay hydrated. Holds 20 oz, BPA Free, Attachable, Foldable, Freezable, Reusable, Flexible. Mom always said to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Easy to remember, but now even easier to do by using this flexible, foldable, water vessel that can go anywhere you go. The sport top - drinking spout means no more lost caps and the mini carabiner means no more lost water bottle! Clip it to your gym bag or roll it up and stash it away. Goodbye excuses and hello to hydration with Water2Go.

20 oz
BPA Free